Single Mother Affordability to Own a House

  • azizah binti ismail universiti teknologi malaysia


The issue of housing affordability often involves middle and lower income groups. However, the problem of housing affordability is more critical, experienced by single mothers due to single mother is an individual who is the head of the family. The objective of this research to examine the factors that influences the problem of single mothers to own their own house. In addition, this research also to identify the type and price range of affordable house for single mothers. The process of the study begins from problem identification, literature review, case study, data collection, analysis and interpretation of research findings. Questionnaires are used to collect the primary data from respondents while literatures reviews are the secondary data for the research. The sample of this research includes 95 single mothers who are working and registered under The Ministry of Women and Family Darul Takzim. The random sampling technique was the method of sampling utilized.

The findings of the research found out that there are a few main factors which influence the affordability of single mother to own their own house influenced by socio economic status such as race, age, single mother status, level of education, working period, the number of household, lower household incomes and house prices in the market. Besides, the type of affordable house may afford by single mothers is single storey and double storey house in a range price between RM50,000 to RM100,000. They are also may own an affordable housing provide by government which is single and double storey low and medium cost in range RM50,000 to RM80,000. In the end of study, various proposals are recommended such as government should control the house price in the market, loosening the loan conditions, the payment of 10 percent deposit and also loosening the rate interest.  For developer, they should increase the number of housing for target groups and carry out the market study to identify the affordable housing price.

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